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What are Some English Magazines Available in China?
Update:2011/8/10 21:30:24 Views:3347

Below listed most of the magazines that you can subscribe to or pick up at a bookstore in China

-“TIME” magazine. They have the Asian Edition for subscription with an affordable price . And if you want to focus on business ,

-“The Economist” is also a good choice for you
If you cant find them at local bookstores , you can subscribe these magazines via Internet , for example like Taobao.com or subscribe it directly from publisher's website(As far as I know , TIME allows you to do so ,they have local distributors in China mainland )

-New Ezine Date city will have something for you (china based)

-That's or City Weekend, in Beijing and Shanghai--  since it was often relevant to locals as well Some of the local people learned a lot by reading the expat publications

-China Economic Review for business related articles.

-Visit the bookshops/ newspaper shops in any of the international hotels and you will know which international magazines (English and assorted other languages) are regularly available in China
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